S-Clan Printables

  • Paul's final journey - 7/2/21

  • This week, as Paul shares the good news of Jesus all the way to Rome, can you find: a ship, a bible, a snake, and a crown?
  • Paul heads to Jerusalem - 31/1/21

  • This week, as Paul shows us how to trust in God in difficult times, can you find: a ship, a belt, a picture of you and your friends?
  • Riot in Ephesus - 17/1/21

  • For this week, as we learn how the people in Ephesus responded to Paul's preaching, can you find a blindfold or dark glasses, a torch, a bible and a handkerchief or apron?
  • Paul recap - 10/1/21

  • For this week, as we remind ourselves of Paul and his journeys, can you find a rock, a light, a map, a boat and a picture of a synagogue?
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